Amsterdam, 22 February 2017

Thanks to its lease agreement with Action and the agreed relocation of a number of existing tenants, Multi Netherlands has resolved the issue of vacant properties in Ede’s Stadspoort shopping centre. Discount retailer Action is set to open its approximately 1,000 m2 store in Stadspoort. Action’s arrival guarantees a positive future for the Stadspoort. It will open its doors in the autumn of 2017.

Multi is currently working on the revitalisation of the Stadspoort shopping centre. This includes the renovation of the passageway that links the eastern and western parts of the shopping centre, where the entrance to the new Action store will be based. In addition, Cultura library and welfare organisation Malkander will also move to this location and Florado florist and DA drugstore will relocate within the passageway. Cultura and Malkander plan to open a new food & beverage concept here, making it the place to meet at the heart of the shopping centre. The opening of Action and the relocation of several existing tenants will ensure that the passageway becomes attractive again to shoppers. It will also increase footfall between both parts of the shopping centre. The building work involved in relocating existing tenants and creating the Action store will take place during the next six months.

Arjen Seckel, Asset Management Director at Multi Netherlands: “I am absolutely delighted to be able to welcome Action to yet another of our shopping centres. This tenant attracts large numbers of shoppers, as we have recently experienced in our shopping centres in Nootdorp and Antwerp. It enables us to guarantee a long and healthy future in our centre not only for DA, Florado, Malkander and Cultura but all other Stadspoort tenants.”

Stadspoort shopping centre
Stadspoort is a modern, partially covered neighbourhood shopping centre. Opened in 1995, it forms a gateway across the road leading into the city of Ede. The neighbourhood shopping centre is strategically located between the districts of Rietkampen and Maandereng. With its library and art and culture centre, Stadspoort brings together residents from the surrounding districts. Covering more than 8,000 m² and including 20 stores, it offers a great mix of retailers. There are two major full-service supermarkets, Albert Heijn and EMTÉ, both conveniently located on the outside of the shopping centre, immediately adjoining the car parks. In addition to local retailers, the centre also hosts national chains, including Hema, DA drugstore, Bakker Bart, Bruna and, from the autumn of 2017, also Action.

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