Düsseldorf, 7 May 2020

Following its transition from a pure shopping centre developer to an asset manager and full-service centre manager, Multi Germany GmbH, under the leadership of Hubert Stech, has continued its expansion course and consistently implemented its proactive service culture over the past 3 years.

In 2019, Multi Germany successfully took over the management for four shopping centres of Corestate Capital Group: Shopping Plaza in Garbsen, Vechte Arcaden in Nordhorn, City Rondell in Schwenningen and Stern-Center in Sindelfingen. The mandates include full-service centre management as well as leasing. Multi Germany thus succeeds in continuing its expansion in the area of external service mandates and wins a strong partner with Corestate Capital Group. Further success followed in 2019 with the acquisition of the mandate for Trier Galerie, starting in February 2020. For Alexander Tannenbaum, Managing Director of Credit Suisse Asset Management Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft, Multi Germany is the right partner to further develop the shopping centre in the heart of Germany’s oldest city.

The secret of the success of Multi Germany GmbH is its new strategy. A team of experts is convinced that pure operation of a shopping centre is no longer sufficient to meet the high demands of the customers. Hubert Stech:  ”Only with entrepreneurial thinking we can create complex solutions, while still remaining profit-oriented and exploiting the full potential of an asset.

With a portfolio now comprising of ten properties managed by Multi Germany, as well as Stadsfeestzaal in the Belgian metropolis Antwerp, Multi Germany is well aware that with its strategy, the company offers an exciting alternative to competitors and focuses on pursuing its goal to be ‘the best full-service mall management service provider in Europe’.

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EHI Shopping-Center Report 2020 is a publication of the EHI Retail Institute.

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