Amsterdam, 8 February 2021

Multi is pleased to share the results of our Pan European Customer Monitor + Covid-19 Survey, which analyses responses from 33,000 shopping centre visitors from across 11 countries and 50 retail locations that were assessed in November 2020.

As a key player in the European Retail Real Estate landscape, Multi’s operations have been deeply affected by the Covid-19 global pandemic, economic recession, and resounding social consequences since the start of 2020. Our on-site research highlights that in our rapidly digitizing world, a majority of visitors (72%), still desire more off-line solutions to spend valuable time, after the Covid-19 pandemic has eased, and shopping centres are seen as a good place to do so.

We have a clear responsibility to take the lead in increasing the industry knowledge about the impact, consequences, and prospects of the Covid-19 pandemic on shopping mall visitors. The initiative to conduct this survey was driven by our sense of responsibility for our visitors, tenants, investors, as well as our competitors, as we strongly believe a more detailed, data-driven understanding of the impact is important for all of these stakeholders, and to provide a relevant and timely contribution to the retail real estate industry.

We can read Multi’s Pan European Customer Monitor + Covid-19 Survey here or by simply clicking on the image below.

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