Docks Vauban in Le Havre is a shopping centre that combines history with modernity. Situated along the waterfront in restored warehouses, it offers a diverse array of shops, including boutiques, upscale stores, and renowned brands. The architectural elements of the historic warehouses create a visually immersive shopping experience. Visitors can explore various products, from fashion and accessories to home decor and artisanal goods, catering to different tastes. The centre also houses trendy cafes, restaurants, and bistros, allowing locals and visitors to enjoy delicious cuisine in a charming setting. Docks Vauban also hosts cultural events, exhibitions, and performances, adding excitement and variety to the experience. With its unique ambiance and offerings, Docks Vauban is an exceptional retail destination in Le Havre.



53.500 sqm GLA
Primark, Lidl, H&M, Zara, New Yorker anchor tenants
Lighthouse Capital owner
71 shops
2009 opening year


Catchment area

Up to 15’ driving time

Customers 192.867
Purchase power (€) 19.430 


Up to 20’ driving time

Customers 223.663
Purchase power (€) 19.741


Asset management

Multi France

Frederic Rouleau | Managing Director France

T: +48222222759 | E: | LinkedIn


Multi France

Andrea Boris Hipeco | European Head of Leasing

T: +31654322471 | E: | LinkedIn