Board member

Elmar Schoonbrood

T: +31 20 25 88 100 | E: | LinkedIn

Elmar Schoonbrood was appointed as Board Member of Multi Corporation in June 2021. He has more than 17 years’ experience in the European real estate and real estate debt industry. Previously, Elmar Schoonbrood served as Managing Director at Blackstone in London where he managed Blackstone’s European retail investments in Europe and Turkey. He was also responsible for overseeing Multi Corporation for Blackstone since joining the firm in 2014. Before joining Blackstone, Elmar headed up the European non-performing loan workout team at Oaktree Capital Management and prior to that he headed up the loan workout team at Morgan Stanley. In addition, Elmar worked in a variety of real estate and structured finance positions at Credit Suisse, Fitch Ratings and IPD.​ All functions were based in London. ​Elmar holds an MA in Real Estate and a BA in Business Administration.