The UNI-CENTER is the centre of Bochum-Hustadt in the district of Querenburg. It was created at the same time as the neighboring Ruhr-Universität Bochum as its urban core and was completed in 1973. The Uni-Center offers 3,500 sqm of teaching rooms, more than 26,000 sqm of commercial space, an indoor pool, and a church. Typical of the time, the large housing estate, which does not go back to an old settlement core, was designed as a pure pedestrian zone on several levels. Mobility is ensured by a bus and rail station. With its almost 500 parking spaces, the multi-storey car park belonging to the complex, primarily serves the citizens of the surrounding area who use the shopping and service centre of the district.

For the 45,000 students and citizens of the south of Bochum, the anchor tenants REWE, NETTO and Rossmann offer a wide range of daily need products. The UNI-CENTER also offers a variety of gastronomic facilities for just a quick meal or a cozy visit to one of the restaurants.


Uni-Center Bochum-Querenburg
Querenburger Höhe 280
44801 Bochum Querenburg



Center Management

Multi Germany

Hüseyin Ugur | Center Manager

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Multi Germany

Lars Birkemeier | Senior Leasing Manager

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