Multi Vastgoed celebrates official opening of Buitenmere shopping center expansion in Almere Buiten

Multi Vastgoed celebrates official opening of Buitenmere shopping center expansion in Almere Buiten

Netherlands, 25 June 2014

Multi celebrates official opening of Buitenmere expansion in Almere Buiten

On 25 June 2014, alderman Henk Mulder of the Municipality of Almere officially opened the shops on the Rio de Janeiro Square and the Globe Square in the town centre of Almere Buiten.

The Buitenmere shopping center in Almere Buiten has developed from a local neighbourhood centre into a centre for the entire district, with a total of 26,000 m² of shops being added on the north as well as south side. The first phase of the expansion was opened in 2010. Multi Vastgoed is responsible for the expansion and redevelopment of the southern section. Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance manages all the retail space in the southern section on behalf of its clients, and the Municipality of Almere is responsible for planning and realizing the public space in the area at large. 

Local and regional entrepreneurs
The expansion of the southern section of Buitenmere has resulted in a greater variety of shops being present, making the centre even more attractive for consumers. The building located on the Globe Square contains approximately 1,400 m² of shopping space divided over two floors, whereby Big Bazar has opened its doors to shoppers on the first floor. The sale of the 15 owner-occupied apartment units is in full swing. The building on the Rio de Janeiro Square contains approximately 900 m² of shopping space and 12 rental apartments. The retail outlets that have opened their doors to the public here include the AKO, a Kwalitaria, the Alexanderhoeve cheese and nuts specialist, the Van Looijengoed bakery, and the Bertelsmann butcher shop. The apartments will be completed in August.

Aldermen Mulder adds,“The new buildings are a great addition to this centre of Almere Buiten, and not just because of the shops and residential units involved. I would like to invite all residents of Almere Buiten to come and see for themselves how the centre has developed and become a really great place to shop, relax, and meet each other.”

In the words of Daan Schrama, acquisitions specialist for retail investments at Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance: “The Buitenmere shopping center plays an important role in Almere Buiten. In recent years, it has experienced an important expansion phase and developed from a local neighbourhood centre into a centre for the entire district. We are convinced that the expansion will help secure the future of the shopping center.”

Warm and robust
The architecture of the buildings is robust but also warm. A striking element is formed by the large portals that enclose the shop windows and the entrance to the apartments.

Living room atmosphere
The new construction gives the Globe Square a cosy and attractive atmosphere, so that it now functions as the ‘living room’ of the centre, whereas the building on the Rio de Janeiro Square gives the centre a new and colourful entrance.

The expansion in Almere Buiten is in line with the philosophy adopted by Multi that sustainable development in urban centres is a must. This philosophy served as a basic point of departure in designing and realizing the buildings involved in the centre’s expansion. In addition, the expansion will help to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for the centre of Almere Buiten. It will help maintain the purchasing power of consumers, strengthen the local job market, and improve the social cohesion of Almere Buiten and its surroundings.