Multi and AM sign contracts with new retail formulas in ‘Nieuwe Haagse Passage’ in The Hague

Multi and AM sign contracts with new retail formulas in ‘Nieuwe Haagse Passage’ in The Hague

Gouda, 28 July 2014

Multi and AM sign contracts with new retail formulas in ‘Nieuwe Haagse Passage’

German fashion chain KULT to open its first store in the Netherlands
Development (AM RED) have recently concluded a lease agreement with KULT, the German multi-fashion brand store for an outlet in the ‘Nieuwe Haagse Passage’ arcade in The Hague. This will be their first store in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the well-known American coffeehouse chain Starbucks is opening its first store in the centre of The Hague in the arcade. Contracts have also been agreed with Nelson Schoenen (first store in The Hague), ICI Paris XL, Frozz (fresh frozen yoghurt), Sacha shoes and the 8tea5 tea concept. Dungelmann, a delicatessen in The Hague, is opening its first ‘deli counter’ here. The overall result is that the arcade is more or less completely let. The ‘Nieuwe Haagse Passage’ will be opening on Thursday 18 September 2014, from which time it will be known as ‘De Passage’.

Largest MANGO in Netherlands
Multi Vastgoed and AM RED had already signed contracts with The Sting, Miss Etam, Xenos, Intertoys, Parfumerie Douglas and MANGO. MANGO recently decided to substantially expand its retail space in the ‘Nieuwe Haagse Passage’, which means it will be the largest branch in the Netherlands.

Nieuwe Haagse Passage
Multi Vastgoed and AM RED (development corporation Spuimarkt CV) are constructing the ‘Nieuwe Haagse Passage’ in the centre of The Hague in close cooperation with the city council. The project consists in around 10,500 m² of retail space, as well as the Suite Novotel, with 118 suites. The ‘Nieuwe Haagse Passage’ will form a high quality link between Grote Marktstraat and Spuistraat, and melds seamlessly with the existing ‘Passage’. The stores are owned by a.s.r. vastgoed vermogensbeheer’s ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund (DPRF), while the hotel belongs to Accor Hotels Nederland. This is the first Suite Novotel – a 4-star hotel ideal for longer-term stays – in the Netherlands. It will be opening on 1 October 2014.

Large-scale renovation operation
The ‘Nieuwe Haagse Passage’ is the latest high point of the large-scale renovation operation around Grote Marktstraat, traditionally a main thoroughfare with prestigious retail chains and high-quality amenities. The city council is turning Grote Marktstraat into an attractive shopping boulevard with international allure. The refurbishment of Grote Marktstraat will be completed by the spring of 2015. The development will not only strengthen the position of the city centre in relation to various large-scale shopping centres in The Hague region, but will also enhance its status as a hotel destination for travellers from all over the country and abroad.

Transparent building
The concept for the ‘Nieuwe Haagse Passage’ is the creation of T+T Design, the Multi Vastgoed in-house design company. Architect Bernard Tschumi developed the details of the concept, resulting in a light, open and transparent building. The arcade will have a glass roof of around fifteen metres in height – a new landmark for the city centre.

Multi Vastgoed, AM RED and a.s.r. vastgoed vermogensbeheer have jointly taken the initiative to create a sustainable urban structure for the centre of The Hague. This has resulted in the awarding of a BREEAM-NL Nieuwbouw ‘Good’ design certificate for the retail section of the ‘Nieuwe Haagse Passage’. In addition, the construction of the ‘Nieuwe Haagse Passage’ will help maintain consumer spending and create local employment opportunities.

The completion of the ‘Nieuwe Haagse Passage’ means the location of the former Marks & Spencer building has been transformed into a modern arcade with shops and a hotel.