Ground breaking event Mosveld in Amsterdam

Ground breaking event Mosveld in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 18 March 2015

Ground breaking event Mosveld in Amsterdam

Festive start to construction of Mosveld shopping centre in Amsterdam
Thursday, 12 March 2015 marked the official start of construction for the Mosveld neighbourhood shopping centre in Amsterdam ‘Oud-Noord’ (Old North district). The official opening was led by Coby van Berkum, chairman of the North executive committee. He was joined by Collin Boelhouwer, head of asset management retail for Bouwinvest, Bas van Veggel, Rox Development partner and Sander van Oss, director of development for Multi the Netherlands.

Mosveld shopping centre

The Mosveld shopping centre will be the new, vibrant heart of the Amsterdam Oud-Noord district. The new shopping centre will offer 7,000 m² of shops, restaurants and cafés on the ground floor, 53 apartments on the upper floors and a parking deck with 140 parking spaces. Half of the retail space has already been leased to Albert Heijn, Deen, Etos and Febo. The shopping centre will offer a mix of national retail chains and small independent businesses. The centre is scheduled for completion in 2016.

Coby van Berkum: “The new Mosveld shopping centre will give Oud-Noord the kind of central location it deserves. Mosveld is actually a historic marketplace, where residents gathered for almost a century. Then from 1927 onwards it was the venue for 15,000 fans to cheer on their football club, the Volewijckers. In 1964, the football club made way for a hospital, and the market was moved slightly for the construction of the Johan van Hasseltweg. Six months ago, the market made a successful move to the Van der Pekstraat, and now Mosveld will be the central location where old and new residents of Oud-Noord will mingle while doing their daily shopping.”

Parties involved
Multi is responsible for the development and building of the shopping centre, and Bouwinvest has purchased the shops and parking deck from Multi for the Bouwinvest Retail Fund. The Amsterdam company Rox Development is the owner of the apartments, and the city of Amsterdam is responsible for the design and development of the public spaces.

Bouwinvest’s Collin Boelhouwer: “The purchase of the Mosveld shopping centre is completely in line with the retail Fund’s strategy, which partly focuses on neighbourhood shopping centres. But believe it is very important that the new shopping centre will have a major positive impact on the neighbourhood and will contribute to the continued development of Amsterdam Noord, a district recognised by the New York Times as one of the hippest locations in the world. And the fact that half of the retail space has a ready been leased is further proof that the business community also recognises the excellent opportunities offered by this location.”

Bas van Veggel of Rox Development: “Investing in residential units in the Mosveld centre is in line with the long-term vision of our family business. As a developer and an investor, we have always been especially interested in creating multifunctional spaces in interesting locations, where people can meet and interact. Mosveld is a perfect example of this strategy. The location and the project have a very special history and an extremely promising future.”

The shopping centre is perfectly placed in terms of the surrounding infrastructure. The parking deck is easily accessible via main access routes to Amsterdam-Noord. The shopping centre itself is walking distance from the new underground station ‘Noorderpark’ on the North-South Line and just one stop away from the central train station.

T+T Design, Multi’s in-house design unit, is responsible for the concept and the Amsterdam company SeArch provided the design for the shopping centre.

The new Mosveld shopping centre will contribute to a more sustainable future for the neighbourhood, creating employment and giving new residents of the Overhoeks and Buiksloterham neighbourhoods a local shopping centre.