Grand opening of Katwolderplein project in Zwolle, the Netherlands

Grand opening of Katwolderplein project in Zwolle, the Netherlands

Amsterdam, 12 April 2017

Grand opening of Katwolderplein project in Zwolle, the Netherlands

Today councillor Ed Anker joined Françoise Dechesne, managing director of Multi Netherlands and Evert Leideman, CEO of deltaWonen in officially opening the multifunctional Katwolderplein project in Zwolle. The official opening attracted a lot of public interest, including from residents in the local area. Katwolderplein includes a Pathé cinema that seats 1,500, DEEN Supermarkets, the De Beren restaurant formula, 23 social rented properties and the largest multi-storey car park in Zwolle, with 700 parking spaces. It is located at the western entrance to the city of Zwolle.

“The opening of Katwolderplein marks the completion of the first phase of the redevelopment of this area”, said alderperson Ed Anker. “Almost 18 months after the start of construction at Katwolderplein, this location has become a vibrant centre for housing, meeting people, leisure and entertainment. Where possible, the public areas have already been landscaped. The rest will be completed when the other parts of the project have been built. There will be two blocks. Construction starts on the first block later this year and building of the final section will begin in the spring of 2018. As the councillor with special responsibility for the Kamperpoort area, I am particularly proud of the result and delighted that we have been able to celebrate this occasion with each other and with the local community.”

Katwolderplein – a place to meet
Katwolderplein is an important part of the large-scale redevelopment and reorganisation of the western entrance to the city of Zwolle. The area is located between the historic city centre of Zwolle and the A28 motorway. In recent years, the Kamperpoort district has been revitalised and the infrastructure updated. In December last year, Pathé opened a nine-screen cinema and on 1 March 2017, DEEN Supermarkets opened its doors to the public, at the same time as the car park.
The De Beren restaurant formula opens in the spring of 2017 and the rented housing is set for completion in mid-June. This is the first time both DEEN Supermarkets and De Beren have opened up locations in the province of Overijssel. Katwolderplein is the perfect place to meet and forms one of the most important links between the Kamperpoort district and the city centre.

Evert Leideman, CEO of deltaWonen: “Today, we are already looking forward to the completion in July of 23 social rented properties realised here by deltaWonen”. deltaWonen will also continue to invest in the further completion of Katwolderplein in the years ahead. This includes the construction of 45 homes opposite the car park and a further 41 apartments in the Kop van de Hoog project, formerly the location of the Leen Bakker furniture store.”

Parties involved
The Municipality of Zwolle is the owner of the car park, deltaWonen owns the rented properties, Pathé owns the cinema and DEEN Supermarkets the supermarket and food and beverage outlets. Multi Netherlands is responsible for the realisation of the commercial areas and the cinema.

Director of Multi Netherlands Françoise Dechesne: “We are proud to have realised Katwolderplein. Its location, together with the large car park, makes it the ideal base for visitors to the city centre and the Pathé cinema and DEEN supermarkets. Katwolderplein has given Zwolle a new gateway to the city centre, with the Rodentoren bridge forming an important connection between the two.”

Amsterdam-based Dok architects designed the car park, supermarket and food and beverage outlets. The cinema design was developed in collaboration between Dok architects (exterior) and EUP design (interior). Michel Tombal Architect is responsible for designing the residential properties.