Almada Forum Mallfie


Having evolved from developer to asset manager, Multi is launching a campaign to make that change visible, with a brand story based on its new positioning. The campaign highlights Multi’s values of entrepreneurship, a can-do attitude, creativity and passion.

Create the opportunity.
‘Create the opportunity’ is simply what Multi does. Multi believes firmly in joining forces to build and share a vision of future success. It is a matter of spotting those windows of opportunity and building the retail successes of tomorrow in a true spirit of entrepreneurship.

Authentic Scenes and Stories
An excellent retail experience is central to Multi’s advertising campaign ‘Authentic Scenes and Stories’. This advertising campaign addresses the needs of all our stakeholders and the opportunities and advantages we create for them, such as fantastic shopping environments, attractive events, quality retail mixes and excellent returns on their investment.

The Mallfie
The Mallfie, a word coined from the combination of ‘Mall’ and ‘Selfie’, is the vehicle for these Authentic Scenes and Stories. People take selfies when they feel good and when they want to share something special – usually on social media. We use the unique energy of the selfie to illustrate Multi’s new direction in an unconventional way. The experiences and stories of visitors to Multi’s shopping centres formed the basis of the campaign, and show precisely why the modern day shopping centre is like the Roman Forum – a place where people get together.

Mallfie gallery