Official launch construction Schuytgraaf shopping centre in Arnhem

Official launch construction Schuytgraaf shopping centre in Arnhem

Arnhem/Amsterdam, 17 December 2015

Official launch construction Schuytgraaf shopping centre in Arnhem

On Thursday 17 December 2015, Arnhem city alderman Gerrie Elfrink officially launched construction for the Schuytgraaf shopping centre in Arnhem. The shopping centre will be the central meeting place in the Schuytgraaf neighbourhood in Arnhem-Zuid, with some 6,000 m2 of shops, catering facilities and other services. The complex will also include 64 government regulated rental apartments above the shops and parking. The shopping centre will now be realised thanks in part to the cooperation with three Arnhem-based housing corporations. The shops and homes will be ready for use in the spring of 2017.

Gerrie Elfrink, alderman: “The development of Schuytgraaf is now progressing rapidly. Local residents have had to have a good deal of patience. Luckily, that period is now over. So good news for the local residents, but also a wonderful moment for the construction sector. There’s lots of work going here right now.”

Lively mix of shops and social housing
The shopping centre will be a mix of national chains and local entrepreneurs. Albert Heijn, Gall & Gall, Etos, Zeeman, Domino’s Pizza, Kwalitaria, Délifrance, Bakkerij ’t Grofje, Ami Kappers, Strijbosch Thunnissen Makelaars and florist Jan Fleur have so far signed up for the centre. This accounts for no less 70% of the retail floor surface.
Housing corporations Portaal, Vivare and Volkshuisvesting Arnhem are providing 64 affordable homes above the shops. Portaal and Vivare have commissioned 44 three-room apartments, while Volkshuisvesting Arnhem has ordered 20 family homes. The combination of residential and retail will help create a please living environment and add to the vitality of the neighbourhood.

Johan Noppe, manager public housing at Portaal: “On behalf of the Arnhem-based housing corporations Vivare, Volkshuisvesting and Portaal, I’d like to say I am very pleased that the shopping centre is now being built. We are convinced that the shopping centre will help make Schuytgraaf a good and pleasant place to live. That was why we were so keen to have the shopping centre and why together we have commissioned 64 good and affordable apartments.”

Multi Netherlands Director Françoise Dechesne: “The new shopping centre will help make Schuytgraaf a full-fledged neighbourhood. We are proud that by adding this new shopping centre not only are we realising varied offering of shops, catering facilities and other services, but also creating a central meeting place for the future. Thanks to the central location of the shopping centre, this will be the most obvious place for many Arnhem-Zuid residents to come to for their daily shopping needs.”

Multi Netherlands, together with KWP and BPD, is responsible for the development of the shops, while construction firm Veluwezoom Verkerk Bouw will build the apartments. Multi will retain ownership of the shops upon delivery and will add these to its portfolio of 17 shopping centres in the Netherlands. Housing corporations Portaal, Vivare and Volkshuisvesting Arnhem will own the apartments. Veluwezoom Verkerk Bouw is the contractor for the entire project. Multi will lease the shops in cooperation with estate agents firm Strijbosch Thunnissen Makelaars, while the housing corporations Volkshuisvesting Arnhem, Portaal and Vivare will rent out the apartments 2017 via The Arnhem city council is responsible for the public areas.

TT Design, Multi’s in-house design bureau is responsible for the overall plan and Arnhem-based architects firm Geesink Weusten Architecten designed the shopping centre.

The shopping centre is located a walking distance from the Arnhem-Zuid main line railway station and adjacent to the new multi-functional centre Omnibus, which includes three primary schools.

Winkelcentrum Schuytgraaf Arnhem