Festive ground-breaking Katwolderplein in Zwolle

Festive ground-breaking Katwolderplein in Zwolle

Zwolle/Amsterdam, 26 November 2015

Festive ground-breaking Katwolderplein in Zwolle

On Thursday 26 November 2015, Zwolle alderman Ed Anker marked the official start of construction for the Katwolderplein project in Zwolle.

As part of this project, the Zwolle city council is building a parking garage with more than 700 parking spaces on Katwolderplein, while housing corporation deltaWonen is realising 23 social sector rental apartments on the square. Multi is developing a supermarket and 200 m2 of additional retail space at the location, plus a 1,500-seat cinema commissioned by cinema operator Pathé.

The Zwolle council owns the parking garage, deltaWonen owns the apartments, Pathé will own the cinema and VAGO of Barneveld will own the supermarket and the shops. As the regular developer for Pathé, Epicurus has fitted the cinema into the complex developed by Multi. The cinema is expected to open its doors at the end of 2016. Delivery of the parking garage and apartments is planned for the spring of 2017.

The development and realisation of the Katwolderplein is a key component of the ambitious, large-scale redevelopment and redesign or the western entrance to the city of Zwolle. The area is located precisely between Zwolle’s historic city centre with its canals and the main access road for visitors, the A28 motorway. Last year, the Rodetorenbrug was built across the canal that runs around the city, which created a direct connection between the city centre and the Katwolderplein for pedestrians and cyclists.

Alderman Ed Anker: “Once construction of the cinema, shops, parking and 23 apartments is completed, the Katwolderplein will be one of the key links to the city centre.”

”The construction of 23 apartments will complete deltaWonen’s contribution to the Vogel neighbourhood,”said deltaWonen deputy director Sjoerd Quint. “The apartments deltaWonen is building here will be an excellent addition to the social housing supply in Zwolle.”

Director Multi Netherlands Françoise Dechesne: “The new Katwolderplein will be a stylish place and the addition of the Pathé cinema will create a new entertainment and nightlife area in Zwolle that is in line with the size of the city.”

Amsterdam-based architects firm Dok architecten designed of the parking garage, the cinema and the shops. The cinema is the result of a collaborative effort by Dok architecten (exterior) and EUP design (interior). Michel Tombal Architect designed the apartments.